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Sebastián Valenzuela

Santiago, Región Metropolitana de Santiago, Chile

Associate Professor, School of Communications, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile; Associate Researcher, Millennium Institute for Foundational Research on Data


Sebastián Valenzuela is associate professor in the School of Communications at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and associate researcher with the Millennium Institute for Foundational Research on Data (IMFD). An expert in political communication and digital media, he has authored more than 50 peer-reviewed publications, including the 3rd edition of Setting the Agenda (Polity Press).

Scholarly beginnings

A research idea

Envisioning possible futures in the field of communication and media studies

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Selected readings

Valenzuela, S., Bachmann, I., & Bargsted, M. (2021). The personal is the political? What do WhatsApp users share and how it matters for news knowledge, polarization and participation in Chile. Digital Journalism, 9, 155-175.

McCombs, M., & Valenzuela, S. (2021). Setting the agenda: The news media and public opinion (3rd ed.). Polity.

Valenzuela, S., Halpern, D., Katz, J., & Miranda, J.P. (2019). The paradox of participation vs. misinformation: Social media, political engagement, and the spread of misinformation. Digital Journalism, 7, 802-823.

Valenzuela, S., Piña,M. y Ramírez, J. (2017). Behavioral effects of framing on social media users: How conflict, economic, human interest, and morality frames drive news sharing. Journal of Communication, 67, 803-826.

Valenzuela, S. (2013). Unpacking the use of social media for protest behavior: The roles of information, opinion expression, and activism. American Behavioral Scientist, 57, 920-942.

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