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Paul Alonso

 Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Associate Professor, School of Modern Languages, Georgia Institute of Technology


Dr. Paul Alonso, an Associate Professor in the School of Modern Languages at Georgia Tech, holds a Ph.D. in Journalism from the University of Texas at Austin. His book “Satiric TV in the Americas” (Oxford University Press, 2018) is a pioneer study on the convergence of journalism, entertainment, satire, politics and popular culture in Latin America. He has also published the book «Thirty Years of Entertainment and Politics in Peru» (Editorial Planeta, 2022).

Scholarly beginnings

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Selected readings

Alonso, P. (2022). Thirty years of entertainment and politics in Peru (from the media dictatorship to democracy’s spectacle) [Treinta años de entretenimiento y política en el Perú: de la dictadura mediática al espectáculo de la democracia]Lima: Editorial Planeta.  

Alonso, P. (2018). Satiric TV in the Americas: Critical Metatainment as Negotiated Dissent. New York: Oxford University Press.   

Alonso, P. (2022). “Hybrid Alternative Digital-Native Media in Latin America during the Pandemic: Two Peruvian Cases of Entrepreneurial Journalism Hosted from Spain.”Journal of Latin American Communication Research, 9 (1-2).  

Alonso, P. (2019).  “Satiric Magazines as Hybrid Alternative Media in Latin America.” Latin American Research Review, 54 (4).

Alonso, P. (2016).  “Peruvian Infotainment: From Fujimori’s media dictatorship to democracy’s satire.” Bulletin of Latin American Research, 35 (2), p. 210-224. 


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