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Amy Gonzales

 Santa Barbara, California, United States
Associate Professor, Department of Communication, University of California, Santa Barbara


Amy Gonzales is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Her work examines the benefits of information and communication technologies for social support,and well-being, and the costs of inadequate access to these tools. She is especially interested in these phenomena for people from disadvantaged communities (e.g., racial/ethnic minorities, low-income populations, LGBTQ individuals, etc.).

Scholarly beginnings

A research idea

Envisioning possible futures in the field of communication and media studies

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Selected readings

Gonzales, A.L., Calarco, J., & Lynch, T. (2020). Technology problems and student achievement gaps: A Validation and Extension of the Technology Maintenance Construct. Communication Research, 47, 750-770.

Gonzales, A.L. (2017). Disadvantaged minorities’ use of the Internet to expand their social networks. Communication Research, 44, 467-486.

Gonzales, A.L., Ems, L., & Suri, R. (2016). Cell phone disconnection disrupts access to healthcare and health resources: A technology maintenance perspective. New Media & Society, 18, 1422-1438.

Gonzales, A.L., & Hancock, J.T. (2008). Identity shift in computer-mediated environments. Media Psychology, 11, 167-185.

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