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Mireya Márquez-Ramírez

Lomas de Santa Fe, Mexico City, Mexico

Associate Professor of Journalism Studies and Media Theory, Department of Communications, Universidad Iberoamericana Mexico City


She has a PhD in Media and Communications (Goldsmiths, University of London), and a MA in Journalism Studies (Cardiff University). Her interests include comparative media systems and journalism cultures; journalistic roles; anti-press violence and sports journalism. She currently investigates mobile journalists and the newsroom-less, collaborative nature of journalistic work.

Scholarly beginnings

A research idea

Envisioning possible futures in the field of communication and media studies

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Selected readings

• Somohano, A. y M. Márquez Ramírez (2021) Independent Media on the Margins: Two Cases of Journalistic Professionalization in Cuba’s Digital Media Ecosystem en T. Henken y S. García Santamaría (Eds.) Cuba’s Digital Revolution: Citizen Innovation and State Policy, Gainesville, Fl: University Press of Florida, pp. 219-240.

Márquez Ramírez M., S. Roses, H. Silke and D. Olivera (2021) Power Relations: The Performance of the Watchdog and the Loyal-Facilitator Roles, in C. Mellado (Ed.) Beyond Journalistic Norms: Role Performance and News in Comparative Perspective, New York: Routledge, Chapter 6, pp. 103-124.

Márquez Ramírez, Mireya (2020) Limitantes a la profesionalización del periodismo deportivo en México:  las lógicas del sistema de medios y la cultura periodística, en José Luis Rojas Torrijos (Coord.) Cómo hacer periodismo deportivo. Una visión iberoamericana, Sevilla: Universidad de Sevilla, pp. 69-94.

Márquez Ramírez, Mireya, Claudia Mellado, María Luisa Humanes et al (2020) Detached or Interventionist? Comparing the Performance of Watchdog Journalism in Transitional, Advanced and Non-democratic Countries, International Journal of Press Politicis, 25(1): 53-75.

Hughes, Sallie and Mireya Márquez Ramírez (2018) Local-Level Authoritarianism, Democratic Normative Aspirations, and Antipress Harassment: Predictors of Threats to Journalists in Mexico, International Journal of Press Politics, 23(4): 539-560.

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