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Pablo Miño

 Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Assistant Professor, College of Communication, University of Boston.


Pablo Miño, Ph.D., is assistant professor of public relations at Boston University. His research focuses on the intersection of international, intercultural, and strategic communication. From a critical-cultural standpoint, his latest work has examined how Latin American governments use branding principles to commodify and promote their national reputation abroad, particularly in the Global North. He uses concepts and ideas coming from the public relations field, critical branding, Latin American studies, and colonialism literature to inform his research. 

Scholarly beginnings

A research idea

Envisioning possible futures in the field of communication and media studies

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Selected readings

Miño, P. (2023). Power Imbalances and Contested Notions of the Nation: Latin American Nation Branding through the Lens of the Cultural-Economic Model of Public Relations. Journal of Public Relations Research. 

Miño, P. (2023). When the Locals are Othered: Hybridized Representations of Latin American Cultures and Identities through Nation Branding. Communication, Culture and Critique 

Miño, P. (2022). Nation Branding as a Modern Expression of Colonialism in Latin America: A Focus on Chile, Colombia and Peru. International Journal of Communication. 16, p. 2762-2780. 

Miño, P., & Austin, L. (2022). A Co-Creational Approach to Nation Branding: The Case of Chile. Public Relations Inquiry  

Miño, P. & Saffer, A. J. [equal authors] (2021). Networks of international public relations efforts: The case of Latin American organizations’ connections to U.S. agents. Public Relations Review.  


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