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Carmen Gonzalez

 Seattle, Washington, United States
Dart Endowed Assistant Professor in Trauma, Journalism, and Communication, Department of Communication, University of Washington


Carmen Gonzalez is the Dart Endowed Assistant Professor in Trauma, Journalism, and Communication at the University of Washington. Through interdisciplinary and community-based research, her work is focused on digital equity and health communication. In her most recent work she applies communication theory to address racial health disparities. Dr. Gonzalez received her Ph.D. in Communication from the University of Southern California.

Scholarly beginnings

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Selected readings

Gonzalez, C., Early, J., Gordon-Dseagu, V., Mata, T., & Nieto, C. (2021). Promoting culturally tailored mHealth: A scoping review of mobile health interventions in Latinx communities. Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health.

Gonzalez, C., Ramirez, M., Diaz, A., Duran, M., & Arean, P. (2021). Expanding virtual postpartum mental health care for Latina women: A participatory research and policy agenda. Women’s Health Issues, 31(2), 96-99.

Gonzalez, C., Bollinger, B., Yip, J.C., Pina, L., Roldan, W., & Nieto, C.* (2020). Intergenerational online health information searching and brokering: Framing health literacy as a family asset. Health Communication, 1-12.

Pina, L., Gonzalez, C., Nieto, C., Roldan, W., Onofre, E., & Yip, J.C. (2018). How Latino children in the U.S. engage in collaborative online information problem solving with their families. Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction 2(CSCW), Article 140.

Gonzalez, C., & Katz, V.S. (2016). Transnational communication as a driver of technology adoption in immigrant families. International Journal of Communication, 10, 2683-273.

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