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Ignacio Siles

San Pedro Montes de Oca, San José, Costa Rica

Professor, School of Communication, Universidad de Costa Rica


Ignacio Siles is professor in the School of Communication at the Universidad de Costa Rica. He is the author of A Transnational History of the Internet in Central America: Networks, Integration and Development (Palgrave Macmillan, 2020), and Networked Selves: Trajectories of Blogging in the United States and France (Peter Lang, 2017).

Scholarly beginnings

A research idea

Envisioning possible futures in the field of communication and media studies

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Selected readings

Siles, I., Guevara, E., Tristán-Jiménez, L. & Carazo, C. (2021). Populism, religion, and social media in Central America. The International Journal of Press/Politics.

Siles, I. & Tristán-Jiménez, L. (2021). Facebook as “third space”: Triggers of political talk in news about non-public affairs. Journal of Information Technology & Politics, 18(2), 164-179.

Siles, I., Segura, A., Solís, R. & Sancho, M. (2020). Folk theories of algorithmic recommendations on Spotify: Enacting data assemblages in the global South. Big Data & Society, 7(1), 1-15.

Siles, I., Espinoza, J., Naranjo, A., & Tristán, M.F. (2019). The mutual domestication of users and algorithmic recommendations on Netflix. Communication, Culture & Critique, 12(4), 499–518.

Siles, I., Segura, A., Sancho, M. & Solís, R. (2019). Genres as social affect: Cultivating moods and emotions through playlists on Spotify. Social Media + Society, 5(2), 1-11.

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